April 3rd, 2012
"Labour of Love"

Check out the love skateboards video called Labour of Love. Straight to the point video with good music and spots. I think you will like it


love skateboards image

Love Skateboards_Ben Back lip


Feb 20th.2012
"One Up promo"

Check out the one up promo


Oct 29th. 2011
"pardon the hiatus"

I'm not even going to bother explianing the lack of updates. Check out some footage of Nick over on Quartersnacks. They did a review on Fuck Yinz 2. http://quartersnacks.com/2011/10/video-review-fuck-yinz-volume-2/#more-12571

Also I have little interview over on Eric Witmers


Oct 26th. 2010
"New Japanese Mag, Updated online Store"

Some new product has been added to the E-Store, such as a hat, workshirt, tee, and workpant which is sold out at the moment. Also just got word that our ad came out in the newest mag in Japan called Slider.
Slider Issue1
Slider Mag Ad


Aug 6th. 2010
"Deshi Transworld Japan Cover"

Big ups to Japan rider Deshi for his cover on the latest Transworld Japan. I blieve Iseki shot the photo. Deshi turned pro for Traffic recently as well. Congrats. A whole new shipment of product has been shipped to Japan, so hopefully I can get my act together and get it out here in the states. I will be putting a few new things on the online store soon.
Deshi Transworld Cover


June 29th. 2010
"Traffic now under Syndrome distribution"

traffic press release


May 26th. 2010
"Another ourdoor Park for the Burgh?"

Yeah that is right, they are popping up all over the place, outdoor parks. Next on the list is Sewickley, yeah that is where Lemieux lives. The Musser family has been heading the project, which is in the beginning stages right now. The land has been granted and the first $5,000 grant has been awarded. Also to show some support yinz should head to the Parade this Memorial Day and skate to show some support. Email for addtional info on the park and this Memorial Day event nancycm10@gmail.com


May 18th. 2010
"Traffic Report- Panza"

Some of you may or may not know that this is the third week we have been doing Traffic Reports. In a nut shell it is just some footage of each rider, to kind of get things rolling again. We sheduled it for every Tuesday. They are pretty short and nothing too crazy. Here is my first one. Also if you are in Pittsburgh, come on out to Rugger's Pub tonight for VHS skate night, must be of age to drink grown up drinks!

Traffic Report Panza


May 6th. 2010
"Deshi in Japan"

Check out this photo of Deshi in Japan. This was in SB Journal, and awesome magazine over there. It comes out only twice a year. Deshi has some other flicks in there as well. Props on the direction east hat.

deshi japan
SB Journal Japan



March 31. 2010
"Up and Running"

Got my laptop back. Now I can update this worthless site. Check out a huge inspiration to all us east coast heads out there. A mag minute with Maldonado. So sick. Made my day seeing this.
Maldonado Mag Minute



Feb 15th. 2010

WOW, I have had computer problems for over a month, so that is why there have been no updates. Anyway come check out the anniversary show this weekend. Should be fun. I'll post more.


Dec 19th. 2009

Check out my full length interview over at Contrast.

Also check out the E-Store for some new products.
The Great Divide

Dec 4th. 2009

Check out the blog and promo to Barefoot, out of Baltimore. Being filmed and edited by Rob Star who is from Pittsburgh and whom is also helping with The Great Divide. http://www.barefootbaltimore.blogspot.com
barefoot thumb


Nov 18th. 2009

The turn out for the Erie Demo was great. Weather was great too. All but two of us had lower leg problems either before or during the demo and one of us that didn't have a leg problem, smacked thier face pretty good. So that left Drew to be the only one that left unscathed, to my knowledge. Anyway great turn out. Thanks to 2189 Skateshop and all whom helped with product. Here are a few pics.

Erie Demo
Erie Demo
Erie Demo
Erie Demo
Erie Demo


Nov 10th. 2009

Our friends opened a new shop up in Erie, PA called 2189 (the weight of the owners boards, divided by two) Anyway, check out the flier for the Demo/Jam we are going to do up there this Saturday. Also here are some pics from their opener, I have been lagging on uploading. Hope to see you there in Erie.Erie Demo


Oct 21. 2009

Well this isn't a skate post but I don't care. I got to see Social Distortion and the Misfits in one month. Both were great shows and this was my 3rd time seeing Social D and 4th time seeing the Misfits. Some get confused with the Misfits because it is not Danzig, however true, Jerry Only founding member and basist, is now the front man. Years ago it was Mike Graves which in many opinions decredited the band. I feel though it is back on track with Jerry and is such a dope show. He is backed with OG drummer (second one though I think) Robo and Black Flag's Dez. They also have a new 12" single coming out. Social Distiorion is fronted by Mike Ness and never fails to amaze everyone.
Henry and Jerry Only
Social Distortion Poster


Oct 8. 2009

Check out this high quality mag from Japan called Hidden Champion Magazine. Thanks to our friend Kunjiro for hookin Ricky Oyola and myself up with a little interview. It's all in Japanese so you can't really read much of it. But there are some pretty standard questions you could say. Also we are heading out to NYC today. I'll update when I return.

Hidden Mag Cover
Henry Hidden Mag Spread



Sept 20. 2009

First off, check out the new product over at Traffic Skateboards. Word on the street is some video stuff is in the works for the possible near future. Secondly the Fall/Winter Direction East line will be up online soon. Some product is hitting shops with more to come. I will have some new product available on the store and the rest can be viewed on the site. I went to Project 5050 last night, which was an artshow at Mr. Small theatre, the medium was 50 individually painted skateboards. Pretty good work, I'll update with a link once some content gets ready. Lastly we are heading to DC today to skate.
Traffic Fall Decks

Sept 10. 2009

I met a guy named Lyle through a very close friend of mine. Lyle and I began talking about our clothing lines, his being OLDE IVORY. One thing led to another and we would have skate talks, which sparked doing an interview (web only for now) for a mag he contributes to. So here is the link to the first part of it, part two should be up at some point. http://contrastmagazine.com/blog/
contrast mag

Sept 9. 2009

Check out the Pittsburgh Article in Focus, it's been out for a while now. They ran out of room so had to cut the pages short, Nick and I got the cut. We have been in there enough I suppose. We were going to finish up the article online, but things just weren't falling through on my end and to be honest, as time went on, I just didn't want to do the online thing. Anyway here is the cover, I'll scan and upload pics for it.


July 16. 2009

Check out the new issue of Skateboarder for a back to back Panza's. Henry Switch Flipping in Baltimore for the Intro page. Ironically we are leaving to head back to Baltimore today.
skateboarder sept09 cover
Henry Skateboarder Sept 09 issue



July 13. 2009

Check out the second addtion to the "INSPIRE" series. The name speaks for itself, however this series pays tribute to all things inpiring to me or others. More will be coming in the future, but for now get them while you can. Two of the most historical names in East Coast skating. Get them now at the E-Store and only $4 for shipping.
Maldonado tee


June 20. 2009

Check out Nick's sick switch crooks on the West End bridge in PIttsburgh, it's right by our house. Photo by Chris Stadler. Thanks to our homies over at Skateboarder for running the realness. Yes that is snow. Get the mag and see how sick this photo is.

Skateboarder Cover June09
NIck Skateboarder June09

June 17. 2009

For some reason the option to buy from the store was only availbable to PayPal users. I changed that setting so now you can just pay with a credit card like you would any other store. I should be adding some more product soon. GO TO STORE.

June 12. 2009

Check out the E-Store for some newly added product. More coming through out summer and fall.

May 26. 2009

Check out my friend Brannon John's shop over at Kineticskateboarding.com and peep their China footage. Some sick spots and skating .

May 22. 2009

Exlusive E-Store now up so check it out if you want to buy some product but never had the option to. I never wanted to sell online because I always felt that I should support legit skateshops only and make a statement by actions. However through the years I know I have fell short on supplying people that would wear direction east and support it, with the opportunity to get it. For now the full line will not be available online, but for shops it will. Also note the new home page, this August is the tenth year anniversary. So you wil be seeing a 10yrs design online very soon.

Online Store

May 5. 2009
"Tokyo Transfer Premiere @ One Up"

Come check out the highly exclusive and anticipated video/documentary from Traffic Skateboards. Very limited copies in the US and there will only be 12 available for sale at ONE UP this Friday May 8th. Free product from Direction East and more. After party at the Moose. New product updates will be added soon. New in the line will be Flannels available late summer early Fall, Windbreaker, three new hats, new tees and more.

Tokyo Transfer

April 4. 2009
"Nick TSM issue 62"

Check out the new SkateboardMag in the Timbre section for a sick spread of Nick at marble park. This photo was taken by Rodent.

Nick TSM 62


"Team Page Updates"

Check out Japan riders Deshi and Daiki's team pages. Drew, Austin and Mike's are not finished yet. Waiting on content.

team pages


"Art show/ramp jam"

Here are some pics from the Gallery aspect of the show. There are more photos from people I have to track down yet. Some of the ramp jam especially. Will post as soon as I get them.

art show pure
art show pure
art show pure

"Team Pages"

I just uploaded Nick and myself's team pages. The others are still in the works. Should be uploading pictures from our artshow within a few days.


"Traffic Tokyo Transfer Premiere"

If you are in Philly this Friday the 6th, stop by Exit skateshop 825 N. 2nd st, and get the low down on the Premiere for Traffic skateboards newest video project "Tokyo Transfer". It is documentary style video from our trip over there last year. There is an after party and some beer from the editor of the vid, Rich Adler. Rich brews his own beer, I need to get some, you should too. None the less, this site is still not all uploaded as you can see. Our art show/ ramp jam at Pure Screenprinting went very well. So did the demo from Nocturnal. Thanks to everyone who came out, pics will posted soon.

Tokyo Transfer Traffic


"Demo and Artshow"

t th Come check out some artwork and hang out at One Up skateshop this Friday. Saturday will be a demo at Bcubed with our Nocturnal friends. Later that night we will be hosting our first artshow at our print shop Pure in the southside. There will be a ramp jam, artshow and raffles. Check out the flier below for details. Also Team pages are in the works. Should be uploaded soon. Also I put a link to "The Great Divide" Blog to your right.OneUP Artshow Demo

"Henry Skateboarder Mag"

Check out the newest Skateboarder, just two after our Japan article. This Sequence was shot by Ryan Flynn in Atlanta.

Skateboarder_Cover 09-3

Henry_Noseslide Seq_Atl


"Nick in Focus"

Check out the new Focus mag. Nick has a spread in the Incentive section. Photo was taken by Chris Stadler at the Pirates last home game. This spot is pretty rough.

Focus_Jan 09

Nick_SSBS Tail_Focus09



Check out the link to your right. Please turn off Pop Up blockers. This film is in the works and we are hoping to have it done this year. Every trick in this promo is in Pittsburgh, except one. Rob Starr provided much of the footage, along with a couple tricks from Andrew Klein, Dave Carulli and Brad Rossado. Edited by I, Henry Panza. The Great Divide Blog will be coming in the near future. Enjoy and spread the word.The Great Divide



All the products are uploaded and all the pages are completely functional. Be sure to click on products to view their names and details. I will be working on the rest of the site daily. "The Great Divide" promo will be up next week. Stay tuned.

product all



"new site"

Well atlast the new site is launched. However it is not complete. So don't browse around too much because all the pages are yet to be uploaded and complete. So I will start with the product pages first which should go up this week. Next will be Team pages and links and contact, last will be Inspire page. I am also waiting on some footage, so I can finish the promo to the video to your right. "The Great Divide" So bare with new site, hope you like the design. I kept pretty much the same layout because I like a vertical flowing site. I like to avoid tons of flash and all that fancy crap. I like to keep the site light and basic with a few small effects. Well my VX1000 should show up Monday. We have had a few decent days to skate finally.

site view


"Skateboarder Jan 09' issue"

This May we went to Japan, as you will see in previous posts. Well the article has finally come out and looks great. There is also a TWS Japn article I need to post as well. We are just about done wrapping up a DVD documenting our trip that will be distributed exlusively in Japan through Big Wing. I have been busy as ever and trying to film when I get the chance. Got a Vx but it is going to need fixed, and the bad weather is already here. But I am going to keep on keeping on trying to flim for two videos next year. I'll keep you posted on those. Last but not least the new site WILL launch by the first of the year, along with it will be the new product line. I have been on over a year hiatus, but not by choice.

>Rich and Ricky

"Hiatus and Issue 55"

Well I managed to have no posts for about two months. There is a alot to report. For now check out the flick from TSM issue 55.

Henry_TSM 55



"Nick Interview Focus"

Finally got this interview up. Check out your local skateshop and pick one up. All these photos are from the burgh and also shot by Stadler from the burgh. Also Nick doens't even have a board sponsor and this is how he skates on any given day. There is alot that the interview didn't touch base on. One last note, I have to post his contents page spread. Nick is the first skater to have two covers and two contents pages for Focus. So check out www.focusskatemag.com
Focus Cover_Nick interview
Nick interview Focus

Nick_Focus Interview 08
Nick_Focus Interview 08
Nick_Focus Interview 08



Well I been super busy as usual. Here is my "who's hot" from Skateboarder. Also check out these pics from Japan over at Skateboarder.



Damnnnnnnnn, so much to talk about such little time. As you can see, I have been dabbling with the site a wee little bit, which I have very little time to do right now. First off, Japan went really well. I am very psyched on the country and the people. I will put pics up soon. I want to thank Advanced Dist and Kenji, Habuchin and Kunjiro atBgwing dist, Vox and Traffic for making it all happen. We got enough stuff for an article in Skateboarder and Transworld Japan, plus a video of some sort. I want to thank Habuchin for his utmost hostpitality, which he recently got married, so congrats. Katsumi was filming and is and awesome person as well as filmer. Iseki shot photos, he is so mistic and awesome, his photos are proper. Thanks to Kunjiro and Yuta for the English translation from time to time. I met so many rad skaters and got to skate with Deshi and Daiki whom you should all know about cause they are ill. Well I will update more soon, I have a "who's hot" from skateboarder to post still and much more. I think I am heading out to San Diego next week to meet up with the Vox guys. So in the mean time, check out these stickers and biz card. Arktz and Casper are shops and the biz card is a clothing company called TPO, I met Teppei and exchanged beanies with him, which was very rad, plus I got a black and gold one, home town colors. That beanie will come with me forever.


Me and some Traffic heads are heading to Japan on the 8th. We got some secret stuff up our sleeves. So I'll post in about three weeks.


If you haven't heard of KingPin, you better get with it. KingPin hailes from Europe. You can get them at some Boarders other book stores in the States. So peep issue #52 with Benny Fairfax on the cover with purple text. We have a Traffic article in there, a fat ten pager. So here are some. The opener, my photo, a photo of mark the shark who for the record rips and is recovering from knee surgery, one of rich and dan the man. There are more, but really you should just get this mag. Thanks to KingPin and Seb Carayol for everything. They even personally sent us mags.

"TSM 49"

Check out TSM issue 49 with Vox ripper Hewitt on the cover yet again. Inside you will see the Traffic/Vox North and South Tour we did over the summer. Also check out the new Skateboarder and peep the Pittsburgh City Scape. I'll post pics when I get can find the mag and scan it.


"tons of updates"

First off, I wanted to post this a while ago. Off the path but should be noted. Charlie Wilkins will no longer have a 5 boro pro board. I was bummed to hear because he just had some shit in Focus and he is a rad dude. I remember my first video was Powell Scenic Drive and his part was so sick. I met him when I was 14yrs and will never forget that. On a NYC note, I got a random package today from a misterious sender. Low an behold it is the new Coda video. So whoever sent it to me from the Dob block, thank you. I watched it once so far. Some new names but the skating keeps you into it, some filming is subpar but it is the east coast, not everything will look pretty. None the less I enjoyed the vid and I am one picky ass dude. On a Pittsburgh note, One Up skateshop is almost about to open their new doors located at 1409 East Carson St. in the Southside. Keep a look out for the opening by checking out the very soon to be site at www.oneuppgh.com. Oh one last thing, check out voxfootwear.com and peep my interview flicks from Stadler. Stay tuned and stay warm, February is near the killer month. Ramp pics coming soon.

"The Skateboard Mag 46"

Alright two days in a row on the updates, things are looking abnomarly great. I got the larger files of the flicks from Focus up. If you haven't checked out TSM issue 46, and decide to do so you will find a sub par switch ollie of myself. That is my opinion atleast. This thing was a pain because the doorway was narrow as shit. So it through my posture all out of wack. My front foot should be tweaked out and down, this is not proper form for a switch ollie. Anyway this was in the Vox BBV2 vid. This spot in in Mass, pretty grimy.

"Direction East Focus Issue"

New Year again, lets live it up. Well Focus came out with a pretty proper issue. Aside from the content there are quite a few of us reppin in here. I have a Traffic Ad, Plunks got a flick, our boy Austin got a flick and the curtains Maldonado made my day with his banging ollie. Mini ramp has been under construction, should be layered this weekend. We got some addtions to make to it thought. Stay tuned for more coverage posts. I will post the larger photos of these tomorrow. For sure though check out the new Focus. Update on my leg. Well I am back at it, not 100% but I can get shit done and have fun too. I have been trying to get some photos lately with Stadler and Lenk. Find some good in every day, no matter how bad it is.

"I suck"

I can't update for shit, sorry. Anyway here are some pics of my leg, one week after surgery. It has been three months since the injury. Today I landed kickflips for the first time. I should be grooving in a couple weeks. Just got to shake the jitters. We are planning our indoor mini ramp with bowled corners so look out. Pool coping will be in effect as well. Hopefully we can have it done by Christmas but that is pushing it. Need some loot first. Check out the newest issue of Skateboarder and peep Lenks ill ass photo. Props to Doug for the keen eye. I like his choice of spots. Well I managed to not update for a month and the web visits are at a steady decline. Not enough cooks in the kitchen I suppose. Someday.


Check out www.voxfootwear.com and download the new Black&Blue volume 2. I have a short part. Yeah I know it isn't as good as my Via part but I only had from January to August to film for this with about maybe three months worth of actual filming off and on. Excuses, excuses I know. However the vid is dope so check it. Other than that I am recovering well. I pushed off a little the other day. So for two months I would say I am lucky. I will put up the before and after pics real soon. I am going to work on the winter line here so it will be out by christmas. In the mean time there may be a video project I am going to start. I'll keep you tuned in on it as it develops more.

"more updates"

Here is another flick by Flynn in TSM issue#43.I will have some before and after picks of my ankle for you. I have some flicks about a week after surgery but if you seen them you might think I could never skate again, so I'll wait and show yinz the good side as well. Other than that, I have been busy remodeling our printshop which will be the new home for direction east. As you can see this company has been on the back burner for quite a while, so I am super hoping I can step it up soon.


Sorry for the shit updates. The second part of the Vox/Traffic tour went well for everyone but me. Open fracture of the tibula(small leg bone) and dislocated ankle throught the skin as well. In Nooga Tenn. Anway I am making a quick recovery and have been walking already. Specail thanks to the Flamingo skatehop family down there for helping us out and especially taking me in to recoop before I flew home. Well you will see a banging article come out in TSM prolly before the end of the year. Anyway here is the spread that Flynn shot in Skateboarder.


Well the Northern part of the Vox/Traffic trip went great. I am heading out for the Southern part tomorrow. Check out a sick photo by Ryan Flynn in the new Skateboarder, focus section.

"polish hill"

The monthly update is in, maybe I can do a yearly update next. Well I got some photos from Paul who helps out alot with the Polish Hill bowl, here is a lege that they put up. I have been very busy getting into a building in the southside which we will be doing a bunch of things out of. Direction East will be run out of there as well, even though the 45 Mcknight st. will still be the address for it. We will have a gallery set up and a place for events now. Dan and I are gearing up for the Traffic Trip. Nick is going to have a part of some sort in the debut of the Focus video. Until then "this ship will be sailing soon" -HP

"traffic tour"

Wow, once a month updates to a completely outdated site. I suck. Anyway here is the Traffic tour line up that I will be on for July and August. Dan Plunkett will be on board helping me represent. Thanks to Vox for pitching in too. I am going to have a part in there second editon of Black and Blue, so I been busy. There should be some good news to report as far as the company goes. There are tons of plans as far as product goes, some of which haven't even been put on line and a couple other collections that should be available for fall and winter. We'll get there! P.S click thumb, and click on large image to zoom in on dates.


Check out skateboardermag.com scroll around until you see the poll question for "which is your favorite skateboard clothing company" Thanks to Adam for putting that one there, even though we only got 14% of the votes, we are up against LRG and Fourstar a little unfair but time will tell.


Sorry for the lack of updates, been out of town and I am still plagued with computer issues, both PC and Mac. Soon enough things will be running much more efficient. Big thanks to Alex and the Nashville crew. We did a Vox demo there, which turned out great. Nashville is awesome and they will be seeing the Traffic heads in August, can't wait to go back. I do have pics I will put up if I can get these machines to recognize the damn camera. Checkout AHU for the May 18th post. www.atlantahatesus.com. Also check out this site by a guy named Austin, some cool Dan Plunkett footy on there. www.cskate.com

"technical difficulties"

Ok, sorry for the lack of updates. I got a serious virus on my computer. Here is my SBC sequence in the newest issue. New shirts in shops next week, tons of new stuff in the works.


"random stuff"

Nick, Chris, Greg and Jeremy got back from DC the other day. Once again, weather was a problem. I am waiting on Chris to hook up a photo or two from that trip. Here is a spread I had in the Photo issue of Concrete Powder, based out of Canada. Also, I am not saying another damn thing about the new site.

"southern hospitality"

Damn, this is going to be a long post. First off, thanks to Dan, Sturgell, Pat and David for housing me for the first two nights along with five other headz from Florida. This time of year is crazy down there with Pollen, I never knew that and if you can see in this picture of this bench, yellow because of pollen not paint. This shit was everywhere, all over cars, gets on your clothes and shoes everything. It wasn't a bad thing but and interesting act of nature.
This spot with the hip was the first day we skated, Dan did and awesome wallride and Rick took the cake with a wallride wallie on the other side, a great way to start the trip.
I eventually stayed with Bobby Boyd who works for Vox and Jeremiah Babb who rides for them. We all usually met up with another filmer Scott who hooked it up as well. Bobby is a humble cool dude, and Jeremiah is overly nice, rips and rides for Crimson. They hooked up sleeping and other things to a tee. This pic here is the back of Sturgell's head, I took it cause of the Pirates logo. Also Sturg is the funniest dude in Atl, his choice of words are hillarious. Just very unique character that made me laugh and is nice as hell.

About equally as funny, is Ryan Flynn; words can't describe this dude. Between him and Ry Manos you can't stop smiling. The thing I and others should feel so blessed with is the fact that all the filmers and photographers I know skate and skate a bunch. I love it, they always play skate with you and most often beat ya. I think Flynn wooped Ry a bunch, sorry Ry. Well, I got a bunch of good stuff, and had a super fun trip, prolly the best one so far. Everyone just made skating so much fun and with friends and fun skating is the best. Ricky and Dan got good stuff. Weather was good except one day but we still found a way around that. I think I am hooked on "yerba matte" tea, shit works wonders. Atlanta is so underated and the city life is great, all the bars and cafe's have artwork everywhere, the people seem happy all the time. Them black girls will stare right in your eyes with no hesitation, and Ry is a chick magnet. Anyway enough about girls, visit ATLANTAHATESUS.COM for some stuff as well. I hope I didn't forget much if so I will post more. Here are a couple more pics.



I am heading to atlanta today to meet up with Oyola, Plunkett and Ryan Flynn an awesome photographer. Should be a mellow trip, just trying to collect some footage and get some photos for Vox. There are quite a bit of flicks I have to add when I get back. New shirts should be hitting shops in late April. Hit them up or contact us if you want to get a hold of them. You can peep them in a pop up page when you hit the home page. If it doesn't work, turn off your pop up settings temporarily. There are two brand new designs that will be added and some new color changes to the line. Oh I turn 23 today, lets hope the plane don't crash cause no one will get any of the new shirts.

"dan the man"

I guess I will let the cat out of the bag. We are adding a new member to the Clan. Dan Plunkett, yes a fellow Traffic rider as well. Dan is one of the select few that would fit well with what we are about. Dan is a nice, humble dude that will skate anything. Most importantly he can put some ollie into his tricks. Check out the newest issue of Skateboarder and peep his check out. Proof is in sequence. Hopefully I can report some good news on the new site. I would just put one up but I don't even have time to do that, so I am kind of depending on other people bare with me.

"bad luck"

Having a rough trip was the last thing I expected. We drove through slushy sleet with plenty of hydroplaning. Arrived late Friday night kicked it with Klein. The next day was windy and cold. Went to a spot that everyone says "oh I never been kicked out of there", well guess what we got the boot. Five minutes after that, Nick rolls the shit out of his ankle. New shoes and new board have that tendency. Shortly after that Kleins year old camera doesn't work. Hmmmm, I am confused cause DC usually treats us really well. So we go to this other spot where I wanted to initially get a photo. I am trying to jump over it to see if I can clear it. Second try I smashed my toe. Fortunately it was better the next day. That night we called it quits and went back to grill out and drink. That was prolly the best dinner we all had in months. Chris and I had Mahi Mahi end of story. So I was still in high spirits and for the following day, it was sunny and a bit warmer. We met up with Julius Reeves who is from DC but lives in Philly. So I got a couple photos with him, and the last spot we went to which I have been dying to see for a year now didn't work out so well for me. It was fun as shit but I started loosing my mind after a while on some tricks. I look back and think why is skatin so emotional and bring you to say things you don't really mean and make you feel bad about yourself. Well cooling down, I had fun there and the whole trip was fun and worth every penny and time. Sometimes things work out really well others don't. I met new people got to spend time with friends. That is not too much to ask for.


Nick, Stadler and I are heading to DC tonight to skate with Klein this weekend. Should be nice there, at last. For some reason I didn't upload the larger version of my sequence featured to the right. So now it is up. I figure you can see the ad good enough. If you get a chance to see the new SBC mag from canada check out my sequence in there as well. I will post details on that when I see it. Until then, the website is in the works I am just waiting on the programming side which I have someone helping me with. So the new site will a bit different and is the first time I am dealing with it like this. I have all the product ready to post and can't wait. We have some team additions as well. New product should be hitting shops in April.


Ok, I added the Ad and the sequence from the Jan-Feb 07 issue of Focus.


Yeah no new site, what a surprise. It is in the works still. I been out of town and busy as hell trying to get things straight for this up and coming spring/summer. If all goes well I can start pushing this clothing more all while skating more. Here is a rundown of what I didn't post. Check out the last issue of Focus with our ad and my sequence in the incentives. I will post flicks later. Also "Via" has had some great feedback and is doing well. Check out the new issue of Slap, Transworld for reviews. The newest issue of The Skateboard Mag also has us in the Festivus. Oh check out the newest issue of Focus for the Dan the man Plunkett interview. Dan has been rocking our clothes for sometime now. You might just be seeing more of him from us. Mike and Nick have been laying low, I guess my self as well. Just skating mini ramp and indoors getting through the winter. Things will get better.

"new site"

I just got back into town hoping to get the new site up. Well we have some delays but I am expecting it to be up within two weeks. If not by the end of the month. Pennswood got a new face lift and tons of details added to their site. Check out:




The new website is coming along well and is expected to be up by the end of the month. Check out One Up's site for some interacting



"Plain and Simple"

If you haven't heard of Mark Brandstetter's 1st full length vid, now ya know. Featuring full parts from Mike Maldonado, Pete Eldridge, Phil Ladjanski, Kevin Taylor with a Pittsburgh section and a ton of other headz. The video is approx 20 min long. You can get it at your local skateshop and if you are a shop and don't have it, hit up the link below and or overboardenterprises. Kids hit up Mark on CrySpace or hound your shop.


"New Year"

Damn, 2007 already. Feels like yesterday that I started skating. Oh well I still watch videos from 96'. I added a few more pics from the Decade show. Just click on the photo to the right. I am working on the new website. So stick with us.


Happy birthday to Nick today. Here is a pic from PaulPagoda's after part at Gooski's bar in Polish Hill. He raffled off this Traffic deck, a pair of ltd Vox shoes and tshirts. He managed to raise $350 which has been set aside in a seperate bank account for the Polish Hill skatepark. He is trying to organize an organization that will maintain the park. 


Here are a handfull of pics from the show. The featured photos has the bills to the three Via premieres so far. The boards are my little piece. It's all I had time put up. So click on the picture to view the rest. Still working on the video. Check out haveboard.com for their new site. Also OneUp blogger is in action, mainly for updates. New product is in shops so go check em.

"more video"

Well I am back in town and I got an email from my friend Austin with this flier. Tis the season for new videos I suppose. Well come and support more of Pittsburgh. Peep the flier for details. Until then, I got some flicks from Decade and I will put them up shortly. I am now trying to gather the video. One last thing; some new winter product is hitting shelves this week. Beanies, hoodies........ so hit up your local shop.

"Turn out"

Thanks for everyone who came out to Future Tenant on Saturday to support Decade. The mini ramp was a little mellow but still fun, lots of skating went down. We premiered a little promo from Andrew Klein, Plain and Simple full release, which featured some Pittsburgh and a full part from Maldonado. Also the long awaited Traffic video Via. This should be shipping to shops this Friday. The artwork and photos were great so thanks to them. Dj's were great thanks to them. We were going to raffle some stuff off and donate it to charity, but we were still working on the ramp till 2pm on Saturday. So I did not set up the bar or raffle do to time. Luckily there was an after party held by some others in attempt to raise some money for the Polish Hill park. I gave them the ltd. edition Neil Blender Vox shoes, tees and a Traffic board. Thanks to them for some product and Paul for the raffle.
I will post up the photos and possibly the footy when I can. Again thanks to the people that came and made it happen. I want to personally thank those who helped me prepare in any way.


Well a Decade of skating is finally here, well for my brother and I. The inspiration for the name of this event to be remembered. Timing is kind of on my side on this one. I have wanted to do an show compiled with multiple happenings for a while. It just so happens that the Traffic video "Via" will be all done and ready for showing. A downtown event mixed with an indoor mini, good music, raffles, art/photography, a premiere, guest pros, and much more is just 16 days away. Better yet, it is all free for you to come and support Pittsburgh.

"Like Brothers Premiere"

Friday, November 18th @ Shadow Lounge is the premiere of Like Brothers. Jerry and Nick share a part so come support the Burgh. 5-7 pm is all ages, after 10pm is 18+. Flier will be up shortly. Also another event is just about ready to be heard so stop back soon.

"Via Ad"

If you missed the last slap with the "Via" ad, then you got a chance to check it out in the newest issue as well. Also this is Drehobl's third cover this month. Vox is taking over. Sorry for the lack of content as usual. The answer to the giveaway has been answered and unfortunately that will be the last one this year. Keep checking back because there will be some exciting things to report very soon.

"slap Nov06"

First, Congrats to Aaron Lenk with his new wife Laura. If you get a chance go buy the new slap, November issue. Nick has an ill ollie photo in philly. Also our first Traffic Slap ad promoting the Via video is in there.



"like brothers"

Click on this grab to check out this promo. Like Brothers is a video by Amrit Jain. With it's cali heavy lineup come east coast PGH representers Nick Panza and Jerry Cooper. The video should drop in November and I am sure we will have a premiere for it.


"grand opening"

Saturday, October 7th a 11am is the "Penn Hills x-treme sports park" grand opening. The park must be extreme I suppose, but it is built by Skatewave modular systems. Cross your fingers. Admission is free. The One UP fam should be in the house so come by and see if this is any good cause we have no idea. For mor info call 412.798.2147. Also how is it October already????? East Coast is quite a place.


Well here are the new tshirt designs that just hit shops up and down the east coast. There have not been many updates to the product pages I know, bare with me. For those of you that have been familiar with some of the original designs you will see that the bell, and ship have been there since day one. I never got to make the ship until last year and the bell has had continuous changes. As for many of the designs they continue to stay with us through the changes. Note the compass has finally changed as well. Regardless, ask your local for it because internet sales just don't help the shops too much. For those of you in Pittsburgh, head to One UP as they just got some today. I will keep you posted on the fall wear as it is being worked on now. Speaking of One UP check out the new site that will be launching. www.oneupskateboarding.com



Check out this issue of TWS with Maldonado's press release parting ways with City. Check out this awesome airwalk that they ran so damn small. Mike looks like he has so much fun on his board. Oh he is wearing the black and gold compass too but they seem to run shit small now days. Also pick up the new Focus in your local shop, Barley is on the cover. It has a pretty sick intro write up and Mike's 180.


"busy busy"

Sorry for the lack of updates. I been back and forth from Philly working on "Via" which is the first video offering by Traffic. It premired both at ASR and Surf Expo. We should be having the final dvd done for Halloween time. Stay tuned for other premiere dates. Also a bunch of new clothing designs just got printed and should be hitting shops early next week. There are quite a bit of photos I need to add but here is the Advert for Traffic we did in the latest issue of Focus.

"road trip"

Nick, Greg from OneUP, Stadler, Mitch Teed the new homie from Florida, and myself just got back from a nice three day trip. It started out with them meeting me at Pennswood since I was already there. They all shreded the mini ramp while I was working on some boards for us to skate. We then met up with my friend Darren aka. the Hawk. We proceeded to a party deep in the woods and took an awesome ride in the back of trucks to get there. That night ended pretty fucking fun. We stayed up until the sun was about to rise. Having three hours of sleep we were on our way to Cleveland Ohio. There we met up with Mike Guffey, Dan Forkin and crew. We skated some cool shit. Especially this obandoned pool in the middle of knowhere, that seemed like a character from the movie Gummo would just appear and kill us. However that place was too much fun. We then took norhward to Buffalo. The home of Sunday skateshop. JP housed us and we had a good night of brew and talking. The next day was our only and last day to skate. My goal was to get this b/s flip on fim. Finally after getting to skate it, we get six cop cars and an owner to end that after five tries. We skated some more after that. Mitch got an ollie that many have talked about but never done. Thanks to all the homies and the blast we had.


Check out Maldonado in issue #29 of The Skateboard Mag, for his two page dip. Still no word on his new board home but don't worry cause Mike is still the illest and he will get on something for sure. There is a new question on the give aways so hit that up. You may be wondering when is the site going to be changed or updated right? Well there are some sick plans for a new one and it will get underway as soon as this Traffic part gets done.


WellI am off to Philly today to put some finishing touches on my part for the Traffic video which should premiere in Sept. Unfortunately I have to go when a whole crew of friends come into Pittsburgh. Plain, Getz, Maldonado, Ladjanski and Eldridge are all in the house. That's right Mark aka Plain is filming for his first full length independent video. Plain and Simple campaign will be launching soon enough. Stay tuned.

"tons of info"

Ok, Nick just left for DC for a few days to film with Andrew Klein. The June Winner to the Q.O.M is David Cahall from Florida. I just put some links on to a few friends, some of which I should have had on long ago. Check out HaveBoard and especially the new Catalyst skateboards site. The new Traffic site is up and running with tons of stuff on there. There is a new skate search engine called "skateorsearch.com" check them out. My friend from Buffulo has launched his shops site called Sunday. No word yet on where Maldonado and Pete will end up but there is some talks in the works. I am hoping to have some video news for the next post. Check out the new Focus site and GLOSSY mag.


Well July is here already and the 4th to be exact. It is raining in the burgh so there is limited things to do. Hope all yinz have a good 4th and your weather is better. So for news; I am sure most of you know Mike Maldondado and Pete Eldridge do not ride for City anymore. They left on decent terms and who cares why. They both have good footy they been saving for quite sometime now and a future project may be announced soon. No final word on where either of them will be heading as far as a board sponsor. Stay tuned for the details.

"Skate Day"

Well thanks to everyone who came out on go skate day in the burgh. As if we need a day to do this. However it was cool to see a bunch of faces all together at once. After One UP got too packed we all headed down to heinz. We had Brandstetter, Phil Ladjanski, and Mike Maldonado on the scene. Also we brought a bench from the shop and the Tedder's brough a sick bench. We had an ill wallie setup on the knobs. I got there after everyone seemed to be there and there were tons of people, which was odd to see. A couple cops drove through and said nothing. Then when kids had the idea to piss off the Heinz staff, which you should no better not to do, the cops were called. When the cop showed headz scattered like flies and looked as if they did something wrong. I stood back with a jacked knee and the cop was cool. However he almost drove through the man hole that someone took the cover off of, and that surely would have busted his tire, and prolly tacoed his rim. I would have had to take the blame. Good turnout good and the weather held up. I am waiting on some flicks from Stadler. Oh and to the skaters that skate Heinz, clean up your mess and don't piss people off and that place will be ours forever.

"Philly to NYC"

Nick and I just got back from a one week filming mission. Chris Stadler came along for the flicks and Amrit Jain filming. Amrit is from the burgh but lives in LA and is making a video called "Like Brothers". He wanted to get some east coast footy and there is going to be a burgh section featuring Nick and Jerry Cooper amongst others. The video will have some big names like Guy Mariano and some up and comers. So philly went real well and then we treked up to NYC. There we all had some different homies to meet up with. Jeremy Kulousek that rides for One UP lives there because of school. I met up with a hometown friend as did Amrit. NYC is sick just to push around and we did a mighty good deal of it. Unfortunately I had a bum knee and Nick was a little beat. None the less it was a good little trip. There are quite a bid of video projects brewing now so there is definitely going to be alot of traveling. So I will try to update the news on the road and have some pics too. Oh and for the burgh locals, on Go Skate day which is the 21st, One UP is hosting some pros at the shop for a signing and then some shredding, so come on out to the shop. There may be some real interesting news to report soon too!! Until then enjoy the summer.


Well I finally got my hands on the new Focus. Cover is ill, the Vox ad is ill and our article is ill. The kickflip sequence in ATL was ran a little small do to page space. So I put it on the home page and in color for ya. The Giveaway page has been updated, winners are from some deticated web headz. So lets get some new ones. We had a good visit from Keir and the Catalyst homies a few days ago. Check out the new issue of Slap for our homie Pete Eldridge as he drops an amazing cover and Curtains. Check out the Coverage link for our Archive that is in the works. No updates for another ten days or so, got to go.


Check out the new issue of Focus May / June. Nick Panza got the cover with a nosegrind in the Burgh. Don't let that spot fool you cause it is harder to skate than it looks. Also our "Southern Brewed" article is in there as well. Also a Vox ad with Henry Panza. This is the one year anniversary issue so be sure get it. It may be a collectors item some day.

"Pump Up"

This promo was finished in late November and was originally planned to be put onto a limited run of 1,000 dvds. Well that planned has changed and the 4:57 original was trimmed down to what you will now see which is 2:34. This was filmed by Andrew Klein and Mark Brandstetter and edited by myself with the help of Andrew. The intro photos are by Stadler and the motion was done by Zach Laplante. I hope you enjoy what I like to call our "pump up" video. If you watch this before you skate, well that is our goal come true. Also I put up a ReEdit of our demo series. I am hoping we have another video to put out later in the year and we will have some extras on that also.

(click image)


Random News

I have been away for the past three weeks sorry for no updates. We got the winners figured out for Feb and March Giveaways. Nick Panza rides for Infinite skateboards out of Philly. Check out the March/April issue of Focus for Maldonado's Ad, Henry's Traffic Ad and Nick's Infinite Ad. The May issue is going to be the one year anniversary issue and is going to be the best one yet. I am putting up the direction east promo that was suppose to go out on dvd, online. That is in the works because I have to take the credits out and make it shorter for the web.

Traffic Promo

If you haven't heard about the Traffic Promo that is circulating the web, now you have. I am sure you are all saying why the hell do they keep saying the video is coming soon. We did have an eight minute promo that Josh Stewart did for us way back in Sept. I think there is only two copies of that, one is in Philly and the other Japan. This is a trimmed down version of that. So click on the image and head over to the up coming new site with the promo all ready to view. I am assuming the full length vid will come out anywhere from Sept to Dec 2006.


Our friend Dynamik from Columbus
is having a big show at Skully's on
March 25th. Check out his these sites
for updates. If you are in the area
check him out.




Most of you know Harold Hunter has passed away. Here are some photos that were at his Wake in NYC. Courtesy of Keir. Rather than being sad, may this inspire us to enjoy life, and realize our time is short and sometimes can be cut even shorter. I watched Harold as I was growing up skating. One of the East Coast originals.

Back Home

First and formost congrats to our Steelers for a never been done before victory. Winning four straight away games to bring home the BUS. Well we just got settled back in from our two week trip that spanned down to Miami. I would love to give you all the details but we are going to have an article in the May issue of FOCUS so you will just have to wait and see some never been done stuff from us as well. Mad love to all the shops and especially the homies who housed us.

Gettin Started

Well the first demo in our hometown went well, thanks to all who came. We are heading up a two week trip down south so check out the dates and see if we are going to be a town near you.


Direction East will be at B-cubed's indoor park Sat. Jan. 28th @1:00pm. Henry, Nick and Mike will be there along with Pete Eldridge from City, Phil Ladjanski from Infinite and Kevin Taylor who needs no introduction to PGH. Product toss should be good, please come out and skate with us.


New Focus

The new Focus should be hitting stores next week. Check out Maldonado's first cover. Yep that is right, just so happens it comes from an east coast mag. Props to Focus for stepping up, so lets help this magazine grow so we don't get slept on anymore. We did not do an ad this issue, long story short, Mike has got plenty of coverage in here. So keep a look out next issue for our ad.

Pitt Skate

Well the guys over at PittSkate page just uploaded the new layout. So pay it a visit. Click under Interview and check out Henry's "Catch 22". www.pittskate.com


One More

Saturday, December 17th at the Penn Theatre in Butler PA we are showing our "keep pushing" promo. The event is called "One More" hosted by Nathan Sykes, Frank Young and SkateCo. Doors open at 6:45pm and the show is at 8:00. $5 entry and all ages allowed. After party at "Cheers Bar" in Saxonburgh 21+. The featuring video is "One More" which is a skateboard film from Butler. Contact SkateCo with any questions
(724-284-1200). Tickets are available at door and SkateCo. I been away for a few weeks so sorry for the lack of updates.


Late notice, however our friend Keir from DC is viewing our "keep pushing" pump up video or promo if you will. If you are in the DC area head over to the Blue Room 2321 18th street nw Washington, DC 20009. November 16th 9pm 21+


Check out the new issue of Focus which is still holding strong and growing. Check out our second ad in the featured photos to the right. Also check out the December issue of Thrasher, in the back Mike has an Indy Ad.

October Winner

Congratulations to Jim Robinson of Chadds Ford PA. As he will be rocking a Maldonado board courtesy of City. Also some direction east gear. Here is his exact answers to ten of Mike's parts..

The Skateboard Mag #20

Check out Henry's third photo ran in a major mag. Just so happens to be the third, two page spread. For the Burgh locals, you should be very phyced to see the spot. The photo is in the EXPOSED section. Photo by
Aaron Lenk.

September Winners

Congrats to J. Lechner of Sunbury and Jay West Jr. of Houston. They gave the best answers to the Sept. Question. Maldonado first went pro for Toy Machine in March/April of 1998. I sent out their prizes on Friday. So the stakes are now higher. If you want to win a City deck and some direction east product check out October's question.

Maldonado coverage

Check out the new issue of slap, for the City article. Mike has a sequence and a fullpage still, which are both dope. The article covers a lot of Pittsburgh also. The usual spots however. Something all you Skateboarder Mag subscribers will be getting is the second Red Bull Seek and Destroy DVD. There is some very fun to watch Maldonado footy. Aslo an article in the mag.

Video Clips

Well, the new team timelines are up. Also the first edit of the demos we did on our trip. Hopefully you enjoy.


Check out the new Focus mag from Philly. Issued 6 times a year. The September issue features our first ad in any magazine. We did a co-op with one up. Some good words in the product review as well. As for the website. Hope you are all enjoying it. I have to leave for a week, so when I come back I will have all the quicktime clips up. They are done, I just have to add them in. Short on time. Lets get some answers to the Give Away question.

Site Launch

Welcome to the new site. Finally I have most of the content I need to have the site more enjoyable and informing. We added some new features such as give aways, there will be galleries on the link page also. Please note some sections are still not up. All the quicktime footage, I have to still put up. The site should be finished by the end of the week.

SBC article

Check out the newest issue of SBC. For those that are not aware. SBC is from Canada and is published four times a year plus a photo isse. The "Fall" issue just came out. Featuring Traffic Skateboards "bombs away" article. On page 154 the article starts and on page 160 Henry has a two page spread sequence. It was run a little small but regardless, it is good. So check out your nearest book store, not sure if you can pick SBC up just anywhere.












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